TAdvSmoothMessageDialog in Windows 10

In Windows 10 and Office 2016 all windows and buttons are flat and white.
I want to use the TAdvSmoothMessageDialog for my messages, but I can't get rid of the rounded buttons.
When I use rtNone for Roundingtype in the Fill property, the window itself loses the rounded corners, but the same is not true for the buttons. I tried to set ButtonAreaFill.roundingtype and CaptionFill.roundingtype to rtNone, but that makes no difference.
Is it possible to switch off the rounded corners, or do I just have to forget about TAdvSmoothMessageDialog?


This is currently not possible but we have added a Rounding property that can be used to turn off the rounding on the buttons. This can be done via the Buttons collection:

AdvSmoothMessageDialog1.Buttons[0].Rounding := 0;

The next update will have this included.

Ok, great.
I will use it with rounded buttons until then :-)