TAdvSmoothImageListBox Hint issue

I am finding that it is impossible to get an item hint to display, or a component  hint to display, when there is only a single item in the listbox.  I can understand why you may have intended to suppress item hints, because 'hover' is also suppressed when there is only a single item present.  But I was hoping to make my program display a hint for the component instead, to work around this problem, when there is only a single image  item present.  But I cannot do that because neither MouseEnter nor the component hint fires when the itemcount is 1.  Each hint will display as expected when there are multiple items in the listbox.


We are not able to reproduce this issue here, please provide a sample demonstrating this issue.

Thanks.  I also cannot reproduce the problem in a tiny program.  I have worked around this issue for now by adding some of the hint data to the caption, but when I have a moment I will try to identify what settings cause this effect in the full application.