TAdvSmoothDock Positioning.


I have TAdvSmoothDock set to be positioned just above the taskbar (Position is set to dpBottom).  For many of my customers this works fine, but for some of them the dock appears in the middle of the screen and can't be moved.

How can I fix this?


Oh, I forgot to mention that this is in the FormActivate event:


is there anything specific for the customers where this is not working?

I've remote connected to a few of the customers having the problem and haven't been able determine anything in common.  All have been using Windows 10.

= Steve

Is there any way to override the position settings and allow users to position the dock wherever they want to on a screen, eg.drag the dock to a position?

I could then save and restore that position.

= Steve

Sorry, the built-in docking positions are the 4 sides (left,right, top, bottom) of the form.