Smoothdock: change in Behaviour between versions?


I am new to using Delphi Xe so this may be something very simple, apologies in advance.
With Smoothdock I have a list
Using OnItemSelected I then change the tab that is currently visible on a Smoothtab component
procedure TForm1.AdvSmoothDock1ItemSelected(Sender: TObject; ItemIndex: Integer);
MainTab.ActivePageIndex := ItemIndex;
In version 3.7 of TMSSmoothcontrols when the mouse moves over the smoothdock each item images expands etc...
When you select one of the items the tab changes as expected. The item selected on the smoothdock still remained expanded. You can then switch to other items on the dock in the same smooth way.
Upgrading to the latest version yesterday the behaviour appears different.
When you select an item the tab changes as expected.
However the item selected on the dock goes back to the normal size. You have to move off the smoothdock component, select another control and then move back to the smooth dock.
Is there something that has changed, or does it sound like i am doing something wrong?

We had recent behavior issues with setting the AdvSmoothDock to visible false when showing/hiding a form.

This could be related to the latest fix. Could you please send us the sample for us to investigate?

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter


    whats the best way to send you the code?

Through direct email at, with mention of your first post.