TAdvSmoothDock enabled = false


I use a TAdvSmoothDock as my applications main form main menu.

For a set of reasons, I need the the main form to be created and shown, before I create the login form.

So, I create and show the main form with the "enabled"  property = false and then create and display the login form.

If the authentcation process sucessfully takes place, the MainForm become "enabled" = true and the login form is destroyed.

I was kind of suprise, when I realized that despite the main form is "enabled" = false, if I move the mouse pointer over the TAdvSmoothDock bar, not just the animation is displayed, but also if an item is clicked, it runs the procedure assigned to it.

I would like to suggest the implementation of a "enabled" property to the TAdvSmoothDock component, that freezes the animation and blocks the "onItemClick" method.

I tried to add this to the request feature form, but it returns "server error".

Thanx in advance.


AdvSmoothDock uses a form to display its contents. You can use the following code in a timer to disable the dock.

procedure TForm88.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
  frm: TForm;
  frm := AdvSmoothDock1.GetForm;
  if Assigned(frm) then
    frm.Enabled := False;
    Timer1.Enabled := False;

Kind Regards,