TAdvSmoothButton - Very Slow to Create Component

I'm finding the run time creation of TAdvSmoothButton to be extremely slow.

The following logs show the time spent in the add to form, delete from form and create component portions of the process for 450 buttons (a reasonable number for our point of sale application). It shows that the TMS component is around 200 times slower at creation than the normal TButton. 

I have created a test application to compare the differences  I've included our previously used library Raize for comparison.

Any hints on how I can improve the speed of creation of this component ?


Results (3 runs of each test).

Component (qty of buttons) : Elapsed (Add time, Delete time, Create time) / App Mem used
TAdvSmoothButton(x450): 1.48 (Add:314ms,Delete:210ms,Create:841ms) seconds/Mem:1249236
TAdvSmoothButton(x450): 1.49 (Add:324ms,Delete:208ms,Create:848ms) seconds/Mem:1249236
TAdvSmoothButton(x450): 1.50 (Add:333ms,Delete:209ms,Create:851ms) seconds/Mem:1249236

TButton(x450): 0.45 (Add:269ms,Delete:121ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:549000
TButton(x450): 0.45 (Add:259ms,Delete:127ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:549000
TButton(x450): 0.44 (Add:260ms,Delete:121ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:549000

TRzButton(x450): 0.43 (Add:246ms,Delete:125ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:621036
TRzButton(x450): 0.43 (Add:251ms,Delete:123ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:621036
TRzButton(x450): 0.43 (Add:251ms,Delete:124ms,Create:4ms) seconds/Mem:621036

Thank you 

Christopher Burke

We can confirm this issue was traced  & solved. The next update will address this.