TAdvSignatureCapture LoadFromBitmap is missing


A TAdvSignatureCapture.SaveToBitmap method exists.
But there is no TAdvSignatureCapture.LoadFromBitmap or LoadfromFile('mypicture.png').

So how can I assign a existing signature from another Tbitmap ?
But LoadFromStream is not useable because of "internal format" loading...

You will say SaveToStream use your own internal (non documented ?) format.
But why to only handle a own internal new format at loading ?

I need this component to load a signature from common file format (Tbitmap, png file etc...) to use it in FastReport for example or from existing png signature file.
Could add these method :

  • LoadFromBitMap(aBitmapsrc:TBitmap);
  • LoadFromGenericFile(aGenricImageFile:Tfilename)
    or :
  • a TBitmap property
    Or a new component Tbitmap based ?

TAdvSignatureCapture persists the signature as a sort of internal vector format but you can export it to an image file. Internally it works with this vector format because that it how the signature is drawn.

Because of internal vector format using in loading I can't use it between different other component (which handle TBitmap).
This component is interesting so could you add in a futur version a TAdvSignatureCaptureBitmap component or something like that ?

Maybe you can use:


if you want to show an image file in TAdvSignatureCapture