TAdvScrollBox and touch screen

I use side by side a TAdvSmoothListBox and a TAdvScrollBox.
The listbox works flawlessly on touch screens while scrolling and clicking, but in the case of the scrollbox, scrolling is only possible when clicking outside of elements contained in it.

Is there some options on TAdvScrollBox or some events to handle (and which) to have it... to scroll ?

What is "when clicking outside of elements"?
Did you put other controls in the scrollbox?
If these are separate controls, it is expected these will handle the mouse events and might as such not react to make the parent control scroll.

I have filled the TAdvScrollBox with many TAdvSmoothToggleButton, more than what can be displayed on the allocated space, and I need both to be able to scroll the Scrollbox and click on the buttons.

As-is, when the mouse is over a TAdvSmoothButton, this button control deals with the mouse and TAdvSmoothButton cannot perform the scrolling unfortunately.