TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck: Error loading midas.dll

I use a TAdvRichEditor in my application and wanted to implement spellchecking using the TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck component.
In principle it works fine but when the application is run on a device that hasn't got a RAD Studio installed it throws an exception complaining that an error occured loading midas.dll.
Obviously the midas.dll belongs to the Delphi installation and could be deployed with the application, but I am a bit at a loss of what to do about it.
The AdvRichEditorSpellCheckDemo offers no insight in this regard but I found an older fixed issue in which a dependency on midas.dll was removed from TAdvSpellCheck.

Therefore my question: What exactly is to be done about the midas.dll? Does it have to deployed when using TAdvRichEditorSpellcheck? Is it an error or did I miss something else?

Internally a TClientDataSet is used. In older Delphi versions, TClientDataSet required the midas.dll to be deployed. What exact Delphi version are you using?

Delphi 11.3.

Can you try to add the unit midaslib to the uses list in forms where you use TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck?

This seems to have solved the problem.
Is this sufficient as a permanent solution?