I have just migrated from an old TMS Component Pack to TMS VCL UI Pack and I'm playing a bit with the (new component for me) TAdvRichEditor.

I just see in the TAdvRichEditor Developers pdf that a component called TAdvRichEditorHorizontalRuler that can be added to improve the TAdvRichEditor usability. The problem is that I can't find that component in my components palette.

I'm using RAD Studio XE3 (C++ personality) so I guess that maybe it's available in following versions but I wonder why TAdvRichEditor is avaibale from XE and up and some of its addons not.

I double checked this and see that the TAdvRichEditorHorizontalRuler is available from XE7 to the newest Delphi / C++Builder version.
It isn't added for XE3.