New version of TMS VCL UI Pack - TAdvSignature is not showing


I have just installed the new version of New install of TMS VCL UI Pack on a Delphi7 and TAdvSignature is not showing.
I have specific needs for this component and that's the reason I have purchased this update.

Please help !!

This component requires generics, available from later Delphi versions only.
The component appears on the tool palette for the Delphi versions where it is supported.

Hi Bruno,

thanks for your reply.
This is barely acceptable as nowhere on the pages of the pack or this particular component, it is written that it does not support delphi 7.
Is there anything doable?

best regards

To adapt this for Delphi 7 would mean a rewrite of a significant part of the component.
The IDE compatibility list of the TMS VCL UI Pack components can be found here: