TAdvRichEditor Clipboard and LoadFromFile problems


I am testing the AdvRichEditor and have been impressed with the spellcheck and export to HTML facilities. These look very good. I am however having problems with getting rtf formatted text into the control. 

The first problem is to do with the clipboard.  I do not appear to be able to copy formatted text into the control using the clipboard.  It always appears as plain text.  I can copy formatted text when inside the control and also out into another application but never back into it.  Is there something wrong?

The second problem is to do with loading from file.  The AdvRichEditor1.LoadFromTextFile() method works fine but AdvRichEditor1.LoadFromFile() and AdvRichEditor1.LoadFromStream() always gives me an "Invalid Stream Format" error.  Does the file and stream have to be of a certain format?

Besides the issues above i want to be able to get rtf text into the contol using code.  Ideally using somethink like AdvRichEditor1.LoadFromRtfString(TString).  Is there any equivalent of this?


Tim Murfitt

At this moment, the TAdvRichEditor only has export capabilities to RTF file format. It persists text in its own format (.RTE format).
We are still working on (the very complex) parsing of RTF format and this will be included in a future update as soon as it is ready.


Thanks for letting me know.  Unfortunately for me the input of rtf text into the control is critical and until that is available i cannot use it.  That is a great shame as the output end and spellchecker are a big improvement on how i presently handle things.  Hopefully i wont have to wait too long.  Keep up the good work.