TAdvOutlookMail wrong/old Auth URL

We have being facing an issue that I've reported here TAdvOutlookMail - login in automatically with the last account logged

After several days of testing and reading MS Outlook OAuth doc, I found that the source code might have an issue or old Auth URL param:
Unit CloudCustomOutlook.pas
Function function TCloudCustomOutlook.GetAuthURL: string;

The issue was first found on version
We installed the Free Trial for testing (we couldn't check it's source code) but it showed the same 'wrong' behavior. What makes us think that the new version might have the same issue.

The current function adds the following param to the URL, param that I couldn't find on the new MS OAuth documentation

Reading the documentation I found the 'correct' param should be prompt, in our case the correct value is 'select_account' that allows the user to select a connected account OR 'back', to add a new one.
This param can have few values, so it would be nice to have an option to pick the correct value for each case.

Doc: Microsoft identity platform and OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow - Microsoft identity platform | Microsoft Learn