TAdvOfficeCheckGroup CheckBox syntax

I'm trying to use a TAdvOfficeCheckGroup for the first time and I'm having trouble finding an example or documentation that shows the correct syntax for setting each checkbox in the group to checked / unchecked. Intuition has failed me as well.

I'm using C++ Builder and have a group with five checkboxes. I've tried things like:

AdvOfficeCheckGroup1->CheckBox[0].Checked = true;
AdvOfficeCheckGroup1->CheckBox[0].State = cbChecked;
AdvOfficeCheckGroup1[0].Value = true;

Some options I've tried won't compile. Other options will compile but will throw an exception at runtime for any index > 0. Before I give up and just use individual checkboxes, does anyone know the correct syntax?

Solved! I gave up too soon. I found a similar example for a AdvCheckTreeView that gave me the clue I needed.

AdvOfficeCheckGroup1->Checked[0] = true;
AdvOfficeCheckGroup1->Checked[2] = true;