TAdvMemo - Bug?

Why when i press backspace, cursor is positioned to the second character?

Please, see image for detail

I can confirm similar odd behavior with backspace.

With the cursor at the beginning of a line where the line above it is longer, pressing backspace appears to delete a character from the previous line that was at the same position as the length of the current line.

In other words, positioning the cursor immediately before the 'k' in the text below will delete the 'f', not the new line character.


It looks like it's simply determining the position of the newline to delete based on the length of the current row rather than the length of the previous one.

Apologies, I should have specified- I'm using V7.5.4.0 of the TMS Component Pack, on Delphi XE7.

We traced & solved this issue. For an urgent fix, please contact us by email.