TAdvListView - how to setup component to have only one column


I am starting with TAdvListView and I want to use it like standard TListView - one column of items with icons (ViewStyle - vsSmallIcon) - it is almost OK, but it creates more than one column (and the columns are positioned a little messy)

Thank you in advance
Best regards, Tomas

TAdvListView is designed to add features that are not in TListView for the ViewStyle vsReport.
For just the vsSmallIcon viewstyle, TAdvListView does not bring new capabilities.

Dear Bruno

I'm sorry but I don't understand what do you want to say.

If I only change the ViewStyle property - I got this results
vsList is now the best of them, but I need to have only one column which is from left to right border of component, and vertical scroll bar

This picture inspired me to choose this component -

vsReport is empty - but with correct scroll bar
vsSmallIcons - looks very messy - it is not user friendly
vsList - it is almost OK, only if i can set only one Column

Best regards, Tomas

Dear Bruno

You can close this issue - i change the component to TAdvListBox
Maybe you should change the picture in - TAdvListView A supercharged listview control including data-aware version - because there is a different component. I mention it when I put the picture to this issue

Best regards, Tom

The screenshot you referred to is indeed the TAdvListBox.

Yes I know, but this picture is on page for TAdvListView - it confused me