TAdvListView sort images

Hi, we have a couple of issues when trying to use column sorting in the TAdvListView. 
1. The SortUpGlyph and SortDownGlyph are bitmaps which I can load, but I can't see a way to make them transparent, is that possible?  Currently the background is showing through when the column header cell changes color due to mouse hover.
2. Using the alternative method of assigning an ImageIndex to the column seems to corrupt the font of all column headers to the right of the one with the image.
  1. Do you set AdvListView.HeaderOwnerDraw = true?
    2) For making the bitmap transparent, set the bottom left pixel to the transparency color

Switching on HeaderOwnerDrawmakes the glyph draw correctly but now I
lose the rest of the header styling like the background colour and
highlight on mouse over.

You can also use an imagelist image, use the HeaderImages imagelist and image 0 is the image for ascending sort indicator and image 1 for descending sort indicator

Setting HeaderImages causes it to work except that the images themselves
are taken from the SmallImages list (this is with component pack

I checked this but couldn't see this behavior here so far regardless of HeaderOwnerDraw setting.

Here's how to reproduce starting from a new project:
1. Add a TAdvListView
2. Add a TImageList, add a couple of images to it
3. Add a second TImageList, add a couple of different images to it
4. Create two columns in the TAdvListView
5. Create two items in the TAdvListView, each with a subitem
6. Set ViewStyle = vsReport
7. Set SortShow = true
8. Set SmallImages = ImageList1
9. Set HeaderImages = ImageList2
That's it, everything else is left at default values.

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