TAdvGridExcelImport & 64 Bit?

Hi Adrain,

I see TAdvGridExcelImport is only 32 bit.  Is there any way it could be made to work in 64 bit?  For me it's not an urgent issue but I may need it in a couple of months.



P.S. It would also be great if it could be included with the FlexCel and Components installers and only compiled if both AdvStringGrid and FlexCel are installed.  Currently I need to re-install after every TMS Components update - not the end of the world but another task to do!


TAdvGridExcelImport fully supports 64 bits, it is just that as the TMS pack doesn't have 64 bit packages by default, and TAdvGridExcelImport package references the tmspack package, delphi "deduces" it only supports 32 bits and shows it disabled in the tool palette.

But well, the ugly workaround is to just move the target to 32 bits, drop the component, and go back to 64.
The real solution of course would be to reference the 64 bit runtime package for tmsgrid, but for that I need first that the people doing the tmsgrid setup add those.

About adding it to the FlexCel setup, I don't know, I understand it is "yet another" thing to install, but on the other hand, the setups are complex enough as they are (and with ios coming, they are only going to get more complex).
So I prefer to keep them separated, it helps keeping them simpler, and also to isolate the errors. Because no matter how much test they get, we always have customers who have all kind of strange issues with the installers, that are impossible for us (and many times even for them!) to replicate, and they take a lot of support time.