TAdvDirectoryTreeView Out Of Resource Error

Hello, i'm using a TAdvDirectoryTreeView to load a folder that i use as a Database.
So this folder contains 800+ folders with an average of 3 file of 1 KiloByte each. When i try to load the Database folder i sometime get an Out of Resource error or other errors like Access Denied causing a program crash. Just for testing i removed some folders and the program works fine. The number of resources(folders + files) i'm trying to load is too high, the Tree component can't handle this. How can i solve this problem? (i'm trying to avoid to split the Database in different folders)

Did you run this in 32 bit or 64 bit mode and does it make a difference?

I run this program in 32 bit mode. I can't change it in 64 bit mode, the software has too many dependencies on 32 bit libraries.


We have tested a folder with 1000 sub-folders & within each folder 3 files of each 120Kb

Memory consumption is only 4mb for the application. Could it be that there are huge files inside those folders, or files that a special files?

Hello, sorry for replying this late. Files that are loaded are .txt,.rar and a binary file, all have little dimension in terms of KB. This folders sometime have subfolders. I investigate further on the Out Of Resource error, see image for reference. it's something bound to Vcl::graphics and/or GDI but i can't figure how to solve this.

(other info: i'm using a Tadvdirectorytreeview vers on C++ builder 10.4, windows 10, to Load the folders i use the LoadDirectory method thet gives me the error)