TAdvDBLookupComboBox in TMS VCL UI Pack

The VCL UI Pack contains some change to the TAdvDBLookupComboBox behavior that appears to have broken my ability to use the component.  The previous release of the VCL UI Pack does not exhibit the problem.

Symptoms:  TAdvDBLookupComboBox Components are greyed out / disabled after the upgrade to  I could find no action that would re-enable them.

Usage:  TAdvDBLookupComboBox is used in the following manner.
              - No DataSource specified.
              - List source and column set to a data set
              - LookupColumn:
              - LookupMethod:  lmRequired
              - KeyField:  Set to a valid field name for the dataset.

We've used the component in this manner for years without any issue.  But as of, the component are greyed out on the form and unusable.

Suspect the issue is related to "Fixed : Issue with TAdvDBLookupComboBox when DataSource.Enabled = false" mentioned in the release notes.


We investigated this and this was indeed an unfortunate regression of this improvement.
We have fixed this so that under the special circumstances of working without DataSource, it will keep working as before. The next update will have this fix.