TAdvDbFilterPanel : SaveToStream/LoadFromStream & null

My users are very happy users of the DBFilterPanel, but they requested for a way to save their current filters and re-use them. Apparently there is no way to save the current filter items to a stream. It would be a great enhancement if people can switch between earlier defined filters. (just having the save/load capabilities will allow this)..
Small other thing :
People have trouble using null. The filter can be set to Equal to but there is no way that null added.

We will reflect on this to see if and how we can add this in a future version of the component.

There is.
QueryParams can be saved/restored to/from a stream/file.
But there's no automatic creation of filters after loading, setting or 'EndUpdating' QueryParams.

There's a public procedure FilterOperationToPanel, but the problem is that it does not restore the filters, it just create the corresponding number of filter rows.

It's declared as virtual, so maybe one should override it, or it's just that the filter creation for each row had been forgotten.