TAdvDBComboBox after Post shows Stored Value

If I create and save a new record, the component

  1. does not save the selected value
  2. only shows the Stored Value
  3. the items is empty

Win10, Last version, D11.1 + patch

Point 1 is already in order. The others persist

If Items is empty, I'm not sure how you expect the component to show a display value instead of the stored value? The Items collection should be filled with display/stored value pairs in order for this component to work. The loading of the items should be done at application level.

I have a VritualStringTree. I choose records in it. Everything works as it should. Insert + Post. From now on, it doesn't work across the entire VritualStringTree.
For this reason, your post seems out of the question to me.
I'll try to do a demo. Either I come up with a solution, but you will have material to study.