TAdvBadgeGlowButton problem

Latest Delphi and VCL UI Pack.

I have a TAdvToolBar with 12 buttons and 1 TAdvSmoothLabel (sitting on a TadvDockPanel). 11 of those buttons are TAdvGlowButton and 1 is a TAdvBadgeGlowButton. The badge is to display the number of requisitions not yet printed. All works well except the badge is displayed at the extreme top right hand corner of the tool bar instead of on top right of the button.

Can someone please advise me on how to fix this problem or is this behavior for some strange reason by design - in which case I will need to come up with some other idea to display a badge.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.

Have downloaded and installed update but now badge doesn't fully show on the button (top cut off) as shown in following image


Is there a way to make the badge fully display.

Thanks in advance

Bill Zwirs

We have not changed anything in badge positioning in TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5.0.0.
The badge cannot overlap the window caption. You could make it display somewhat lower with public property AdvBadgeGlowButton.BadgeOffsetY := -4 for example.

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