CopyToClipBoardAsHTML error

Hello TMS support's team,

I have some issues when I edite a report when copying some AdvStringgrid into Word document (*.docx). Dynamically, I create and fill some advStringGrid then I copy them into clipboard by using CopyToClipBoardAsHTML method. At last, I paste them into a docx document using OLE command Paste.

Some AdvStringGrid appeared as tables in docx but some of them are as html text.
Here is an example of my issue:

Do you have an idea why some of them are wrong ?


I could not see that when pasting as HTML, the grid copied to the clipboard with grid.CopyToClipboardAsHTML is not shown as a table.
Do you have exact steps / details to reproduce this?

I uninstalled TMS and reinstalled it and now it works: all my grid.CopyToClipboardAsHTML and OLE paste into Word document are tables.

OK for me

Thanks for confirming.