Sybase/SAP SQL Anywhere dialect

Hi Wagner, you've pointed out to me that SQL Anywhere support has been added to Aurelius (in version 4.4).

I checked the version history, it's definitely there:

New : Support for SAP SQL Anywhere database - former Sybase SQL Anywhere, Adaptative SQL Anywhere (ASA)

I've been trying to create an XData Server with the Delphi Sydney wizard - there is no Adapter that will allow me to choose the correct Dialect.

FireDac supports ASA - why isn't ASA Dialect available in FireDac adapter's "SQL Dialect" drop down?



Hi Ed, in Aurelius the dialect name is "SQLAnywhere":

Hi Wagner - are the SQL Dialects not shared with XData Server (I'm not using Aurelius for this project).

I tried creating a new project:
File - New - TMS Web - TMS XData Server - VCL Forms Applications - (default server settings)

At the "Database connectivity" page, select "Use 3rd party component (Adapter Mode)

Select FireDac adapter

The SQL Dialect drop down does not include "SqlAnywhere"...

Will it eventually have SqlAnywhere?


I see. That wizard is actually deprecated, that's why it was not updated. But you can simply type "SqlAnywhere" there and everything will be fine.

Thanks Wagner - is there a replacement wizard I should use for that type of project?


You can generate the apps separated, TMS Web Application and TMS XData VCL Server: