Styling forms, inheriting component styles, docking

Win64 on Delphi 10.4.1
I am looking for a way to style a program with mainly FNC components in a consistant way.

  1. When I have 1 form with a ribbon everything works ok. But when I open a new form, the style is not applied to that form. I added a style manager to that form too and set the style that is used on the main form in the OnShow, but the form itself won't take the right style. I tried inheriting it from TTMSFNCRibbonForm, but that does not help.

  2. I create a new form with a TTMSFNCToolbar and I style that toolbar differently. E.g. no DragGrip and FlatStyle. When I inherit this form to create a new form, the styling elements are lost.

  3. What purpose does the TTMSFNCDockPanel have? I am looking for a way to implement docking with FNC, but that does not seem to be possible, is it?


  1. Are you using the FNC styles manager or built in styles?
  2. Can you provide a sample?
  3. The TTMSFNCDockPanel is a a container to manage TTMSFNCtoolBar. It is not a real docking control.
  1. I use the FNC Styles manager. When I choose the Black theme, the new form still has a white bar on top.
  2. I do not have a working sample, because it occurs in a part of a big program, sorry.
  3. So no docking when using FNC components in VCL? Then it will not work for me, unfortunately.


The white bar is related to the BorderStyle, we are not interfering with the bar, only with the background color of the form, when inheriting from TTMSFNCRibbonForm, the bar should be hidden.