StringGrid sorting

Unless my coding has an issue it appears that when sorting is enabled and the fixed header row is clicked to "enable" the sort; the sort results Deletes the last row.

even if unsort is true cycling through sort A,D,nosort does not bring the missing row back

Am I missing something?

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

Var i, j: Integer;


//StringGrid adj from default

AdvStringGrid.RowCount := 5;

AdvStringGrid.ColCount := 4;

AdvStringGrid.Align := alClient;


For i := 0 To AdvStringGrid.ColCount Do

   For j := 0 To AdvStringGrid.RowCount Do

       AdvStringGrid.Cells[i, j] := 'C:' + IntToStr(i) + ' R:' + IntToStr(j);


//Sort setting adj from default

AdvStringGrid.SortSettings.Show := True;

AdvStringGrid.SortSettings.FixedCols := True;

AdvStringGrid.SortSettings.UndoSort := True;

AdvStringGrid.SortSettings.IndexShow := True;

AdvStringGrid.SortSettings.IndexSortKey := ikCtrl;


Hello Mike,

I detected the same issue in my application. It ended up in an update Nancy sent me that fixed the issue. See posting in Gid-Forum before.

Regards, Tom

We can confirm the next update, planned for tomorrow, will fix this problem.