Streetview Control - BeginUpdate/EndUpdate Causes Streetview to Close

When using the Streetview Control from the Google map itself, the streetview does show. However, as soon as you do a BeginUpdate and then an EndUpdate, the Streetview turns off.

Using the control does not seem to enable this property:

So, I don't have any way to detect if the StreetView is showing when the user does this.

Can you tell me a way to know if the Streetview is showing or enable the Options.StreetView.Enabled property so I can enable/disable via code or fix it so that the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate doesn't turn it off?

Using your GoogleMapsFeature demo, add a new Test Button. Then, use the StreetView control on GoogleMaps and drop it on the map. Once you see the StreetView, then click the test button. The Streetview disappears.

procedure TForm2.TestButtonClick(Sender: TObject);



Unfortunately it's currently not supported to detect if StreetView was activated by the user.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this can be added in a future version.


The issue is, I refresh the map every 5-7 seconds to refresh the display of units moving on the map. The user wants to also be able to use the Pegman to drop on the map to use the Streetview. Is there no solution for this to continue to show with the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate routine? I tried to get creative in the StreetViewChange event but that didn't work either.

Any other suggestions?

Hi John,

We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.