Strange behavior of FreezeColumns

You can see the effect on

The only change I made between a correct version to the version that I show on the vine is... FreezeColumns = 4.

When I run the program, data for the first four columns don't appear and when I click on checked column, that reassign as convinient the bit map, the data for the next row appear, that means that data is here, but can be showed on the grid.


If you are using an Active LiveBindings connection then freezing columns is not supported. The data bound to the grid is dynamically retrieved and does not provide data for the freeze columns in the grid.

But in your Livebinding program, I've set 4 livebinding columns and it works well.

Sorry. Your LiveBinging Demo. And what I've set are four Freeze Columns. ;) 

The grid used in the LiveBinding demo is the TTMSFMXGrid, the TTMSFMXLiveGrid is loading it's data dynamically, while the TTMSFMXGrid is loading all data at once.

Ok. I'm going to evaluate the use of the TTMSFMXGrid instead the TTMSFMXLiveGrid. 


And please! Don't forget to document this limitation in the next version of the manual.