start TMSFNCCloudPackDemos/LCL/Demo

OS: linux debian 10 lxde
Lazarus: v 2.1.0
FPC: 3.3.1

install package: LCLTMSFNCCorePkg.lpk   ok
isntall package:  LCLTMSFNCCloudPackPkg  problems : Mixed case: LCLTMSFNCCloudGoogleGmail, module LCLTMSFNCCloudGoogleGMail - Upper case (M)ail
linux problems

change and install LCLTMSFNCCloudPackPkg

compile demo: TMSFNCCloudPackDemos/LCL/Demo
how can i make a server that will run on
what address to write for my dropbox


We have corrected the case sensitivity issue in the demo. We couldn't see an issue in the packages however, can you point out where? Please follow the instructions on configuring the dropbox app under your account for the correct callback URL:

change to LCLTMSFNCCloudGoogleGmail

unit LCLTMSFNCCloudReg;