Stack overflow with TMS PWA Application Wizard

Getting Stack Overflow error everytime I try to run File/New/Other/TMS Web / TMS Web PWA Application Wizard.

Delphi 10.4.1

I could not reproduce this.
Are you sure this is a 100% clean install?
Did you run the uninstall before installing the newest version?

Yes. Uninstalled first.
I could try it again.

Almost all TMS features are installed. Sometimes I wonder if it could generate any sort of problem.
Do you recommend uninstalling any module? I could uninstall FMX features, as I don't intend to use them the next few months.


It should not be needed to uninstall FMX. On all our machines here, we always have FMX installed and we do not see any issue with this.
Do you have another machine where you can test this?

I could solve it this weekend.
I noticed some other TMS new application assistants were neither working.
I reinstalled TMS packs several times with no success, so I uninstalled all of them, uninstalled Delphi, and with a new installation of everything, it all worked as expected.

PS.: Should I post it on the ticket thread?

Something must have gone in a bad state in your Delphi IDE.
Not sure what ticket ID you refer to but I think this thread can be closed.