SphinxLogin - port number releasing

Hi Support team,

We developing a delphi application which uses SphinxLogin component. We will use this application on a terminal server. We expect that more users will try to log in at the same time. We noticed that by default the application expects response on port 8010. If it is not possible to open this port, we noticed that it tries to open 8011.
Do you have some official descriptions about this behaviour? When will the application close the port? What is the maximum port number will be used if all of them is reserved.


Hi @L-SOFT_ZRT, welcome to TMS Support Center!

The login process will try to find the next TCP port available in the range of 8010 and 8020. Then it opens an internal HTTP server listening to that port to wait for the login process to finish and redirect to the internal server. When that happens, the internal server stops and the port is released.

However, if the user never finished the login (if he closes the browser, for example), the server keeps listening. There is no way for the desktop application to know if the user is still trying to login and just gave up long ago.

If you destroy the TSphinxLogin component, then the port will be released.

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