Sphinx feature Q&A - User Metadata in Store

Will this framework allow for the following in version 1:

  1. custom metadata for each user identity? For example (Dept, location, phone, fax, extension, etc.)
  2. Possibility for single sign-in to multiple apps with application registration.
  3. Also can we assume the datastore will be any XData compatible backend?

Yes. You will achieve that by inheriting from the base TUser entity class and adding your own properties.


You will have a Sphinx server (TSphinxServer component) which is a XData server that provides all functionality for the authentication. Under the hood such server saves information (like users) directly in a database, using Aurelius.

Thus, yes, authentication server is XData, and database can be any Aurelius-compatible database.

Thanks! This will cover all of my project needs. Please keep us notified on any sneek peeks. This is the last piece of project infrastructure I need, keep up the remarkable work.

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