Sphinx availability to All-access customers

I have All-access license, but so far it seems that Sphinx is not available in TMS Subscription manager. Does it mean that Sphinx is not included in All-access, or this this Subscription manager issue?

I have All-access and it is available to me for about 4 weeks now. So I would check the Subscription manager

It should be available to all All-Access customers. Must be something with your account, hopefully @Masiha_Zemarai can shed some light on it.

I can see TMS Sphinx available on your account.
Do you see TMS Sphinx listed when you login on our website with your credentials under
Account / My Products?

Unfortunately not. Here are the products available in the BIZ section of My products

TMS Scripter
TMS Logging
TMS Business Subscription
TMS Data Modeler
TMS Aurelius
TMS Sparkle
TMS RemoteDB
TMS Echo
TMS Business Core Library

Now you should be able to download TMS Sphinx from your account and TMS subscription manager. Can you please try again?

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