Smart setup List

I sthis list complete for 26.10.2023 ?
D:\rg\b\TMS>tms list ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
tms.flexcel.vcl (7.19.1)

tms list should list only the products you have installed. tms list -remore list the products available to your license. On that list, I only see tms.vcl.uipack missing.

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Yes. tms list -remote add tms.vcl.uipack (13.0.3) to list.
i uninstall all tms packages.
i wonder if others will add to list soon , i will not install them via subrictionmanager.
I liked new folder structure

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Plan is to add all TMS products to TMS Smart Setup. This will take time, so please be patient, they will be there, eventually.

Until there, you can use TMS Smart Setup with the available products, and for the other ones, keep installing/updating them using the subscription manager.

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Thank you.

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