Show a form inside another form

I've tested the multiform examples, and it works ok,

But I have a dashboard width a sidebar menu a top menu and a main content in the midle,
What I want to do is from the side bar menu call a form that will feet inside the main content area only.
like an ajax content inside the div of the main content area.

The goal is to have each content for each menu item in forms, and inject those forms content as requested by the menu, I don't want popups or mdi child forms, and I don't want the main page to be reloaded each time I click on the menu.

Is that possible ?

Yes that is possible. 
Please have a look at the FormHosting demo under Demos\Basics
This shows how a form can be hosted in a panel (or in fact other HTML elements) in your page.


 Didn't look at this one, sorry :)
I will give it a try, 
Thank  Bruno :)