Setup VCL UI on Rio

I just tried to install the actual on Delphi 10.3.3. but there are no .bpl generated by the setup...
The same setup generates a correct install for Delphi 2007.
Tried to manual install, but there are no .groupproj files for manual install. So I would say the installer is completly broken for actual Delphi 10.3.3.

Send the installer generated log file (in your Windows Documents folder) via email to support so we can inspect what went wrong on your machine during install and can suggest how you can fix it.

Found the problem. I had an old and broken pngimage.pas in the unit search path. removing it solved the compilation issues.
But what is wrong in your installer, that it pretends to have successful compiled the packages without error message.

We need to see the log file in order to be able to judge what really happened.