Setting TWebStringGrid font size at runtime has no effect

Using latest WebCore ( in Delphi 12:
When setting the .font.size property of a TWebStringGrid at design time, the grid shows up with this font size.
But changes of the font size at runtime have no effect...

So, how can I set a new font size at runtime?

Best regards,
Meik Stoll

Try calling

That didn't help, unfortunately.

setting grid.visible to false
changing font.size
call invalidate()
setting grid.visible to true

did the trick...

Strange that just Invalidate doesn't do it. I see here it should re-render though.

I thought that it might be because my grid sits an a modal form.
But a quick test with a small test app shows that .invalidate really doesn't help with updating the grid regarding the font.size.

Switching the .visible property helps, and then .invalidate is not necessary.

We fixed this issue. Next update will address this.