server unavailable in Android

I am using mosquito mqtt server with ssl enabled having Tmqtt as client to connect
Same code in windows works without problems but in Android the client can not connect getting back the error message "server unavailable"
Any ideas?
Do you have a demo that works with ssl in android?
Thank you in advance

Looks like there is no connection at all.
Are you sure there is nothing that blocks internet connections for this device?
Were you able to connect to other MQTT brokers?

No, as I can see with the logviewer there is no blocking and the responce is returned immediately.
Waiting for your reply, I found that OpenSSL is not supported from Android after version 6 and Indy supports only OpenSSL.
So, TMSMQTT in android without deploying OpenSSL libraries for 32/64bit is outdated if encrypted connection is needed.
You should state that if you do not plan to support it with SSL libraries.

Can you provide a working demo in android with MQTT client with ssl?
Or, do you finally drop support for android using encrypted connections?

Internally Indy is used. I see no evidence that OpenSSL is not longer supported.
Here are a couple of reference with recommendations where to get the proper OpenSSL files:

The Github repo for OpenSSL has files only for windows, not android.
I believe that the best way to state that android is supported, it is to have just an example project for that.