MQTT client SSL connection

Hello, Is it possible to use openSSL library 1.1.1 for TLSv13? I've implemented openSSL with latest Indy release but I got this error during connection:
'error:14094458:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 unrecognized name'.

thanks in advance for your support

Internally, TMS MQTT uses Indy sockets. So, any SSL library version that works with Indy should also work with TMS MQTT.
Not sure why it wouldn't TLS v13.
We'll need to check this with the Indy team if there is really an issue.

about TLS now I fixed it.
I'm trying now to compile for linux platform. I saw in your matrix that with delphi it's not supported. will be supported in future? have you any suggestion to make it works?

It is on the todolist further investigate possibilities with Delphi / FMXLinux.