Server Side Aurelius

More I use Aurelius more I am liking it...

But one thing came up recently, that my model structure should be better if kept on the server side.

I will be delivering my program to many customers that will access the same database by remoteDB

If I update my DB or the Business rules, all the customers needs to somehow get to the same build.

If the model is updated on the server even older clients of the software could eventually keep using it (of course depend of what changed)

Right now I am thinking that I have to version each entity to check if the client should or not get updated.

Is there any idea from TMS on build something based on this great library that is Aurelius but based on the server side?

I dont know much of it, but this is like mORMot. I dont need everything on the server like mORMont, because I need to use locally also where Aurelius is doing great.

Giving an example: (My software is MVP based)

My View basically receives an ICursorCriteria to deal with. It was prepared by the model layer according to the context (permissions, company number,etc etc)

My Presenter know nothing about Aurelius, just drive the view and gives the proper logic passing the objects from Model layer

I could write this model to work in 2 modes: server and client side 

And somehow (if remoteDB or other server) could be middle layer that receives from the client services request and allow returning Criterias from the server.

I have not touch on remoteDB and I will intergrate it soon in my software, but seems that it is basically an extension to database connection layer of Aurelius. Instead of doing database calls locally it does remotely. One part of Aurelius could be sit on the server site.

Sorry to be thinking aloud here. I am very excited with what Aurelius is permitting me to do, and that take me to new levels. I am sharing this possibility to know what are the TMS plans for this (since there are some products "similar")


Hi Eduardo, sorry but I didn't get exactly your idea (beside the general concept that you want to have a 3-tier architecture). There is many options in this area, so you should be more specific, I guess.

You can use Aurelius with RemoteDB. You could use Aurelius with DataSnap. We will soon provide also TMS XData which is a Rest/Json server using existing Aurelius objects. Each option has a different server implementation and a different client implementation. It really depends on your application.

I don't know where server versioning fits here, I believe it's something specific to your application, or do you have a specific suggestion?