Serializing to JSON

Playing around with TTMSFNCPersistence I've noticed there nothing for serialization of a record - is this in the near-term plans?

Thanks, Bob


Currently, serializing a record is not supported. We have added this on our todolist. There are currently some differences in handling persistence of records between VCL, FMX, LCL and WEB that need to be handled first.
Ok thanks. The only thing preventing me using my TMS Web licence is the lack of generics in pas2js. I'm looking to roll my own wrapper classes as a replacement and records looked like a good starting point. I'll look into adapting other open source code.

Generics support is in the works. We hope that in Q4 this will be ready.

Excellent news! I've another query about TTMSFNCPersistence though: I tried serializing a TObjectList but this is only available for the LCL - any reason why it's not available for Delphi? The user might not want to use generics.

Thanks again, Bob

You have a point there, we added support for the non generic TList, TObjectList types as well. The next version will have this included. For testing purposes you can simply remove the conditional defines in the source code of FMX.TMSFNCPersistence / VCL.TMSFNCPersistence