Selecting from the TWebDBComboBox list does not locate the record in the Dataset

Good morning,
I have a TWebDBComboBox connected to a TWebClientDataSet.
The select list in the control is ok, but why when I change the selection doesn't it correlate with the change of the related record in the DataSet?
The DataSet.OnAfterScroll event is of course not fired.
Version 2.4.1.


I assume you refer to scroll in the ListSource?

It's more about selecting a different item from the droplist.
I thought the basic TDBComboBox worked like that, but no - I was wrong.
Is it possible to somehow correlate the selection from the list with the positioning in the DataSet?
Maybe some other component has this functionality?

Not sure if this is always desirable and wanted.
But we have added a property with which this behavior can be enabled.
This will be available in the next update.

Great! - thank you very much for this feature.