Selected Item Border Color


I wanted to change the color that is drawn around a selected Item, but did not find the property where I can set the color.
In my application I want to show all Items with a certain property that is the same as the selected Item. So I set the selected property of all coresponding Items to true and now want to display them with a red border.
First i tried to link the items together. That works as long as they will be autoselected, but the same problem, that the bordercolor is not customizable. And unfortunately the showlinks property does not work very well. I can see, that it tries to paint lines, but the lines are not where they should be. So not very usefull, or I do something wrong.

Did you try to use PlannerItem.BorderColor to change the border color?

Yes, but that only changes the color of the item if it is not selected. As soon as you select an item it has a thicker border in another color around it. Seems to be the color of the grid lines.

For selected items, the border color is set via PlannerItem.TrackSelectColor

Thanks a lot. That works.