Item completion color

Under the TPlanner , i have  the completion  and competiondisplay property to see a progress bar in the item.

The color of this is always Red.

Is it possible to change this ?

thank for your help.

ps : i don't speak of the completion in the footer.

There are properties on Planner level to set this:

Planner.CompletionColor1: TColor
Planner.CompletionColor2: TColor

thank  for your , it's good , but when i use the scrollbar of the planner , the completion color change on the planner . 
see below , if is correct . 

void __fastcall TMenuMain::Planner1ItemAfterPaint(TObject *Sender,
      TPlannerItem *Item, TCanvas *ACanvas, TRect &ARect)
    if (Item->Completion >= 100)
          Planner1->CompletionColor1 = clYellow;
          Planner1->CompletionColor1 = clRed;


Other question : 

how can i show the holidays on the planner ,  i find this  :  BackGroundColor , but i don't know how to use and if is compatible with DBPlanner ?

I try the    Item->Background  and      Item->AllowOverlap   property , but it's not a good vision when i have two items in the same time. .

thyan k for your help.

Changing the Planner.CompletionColor from the OnItemAfterPaint won't work reliably.
I would suggest to do this from the OnItemText event handler.

You can use Planner.BackgroundColor[col,row]:TColor with Planner & DBPlanner
it sets the color of a cell at coordinates col,row in the Planner.

possible to have a sample for the Planner.BackgroundColor[col,row], please ? 

in c++, just do this in code for example:

Planner->BackgroundColor[2][2] = clRed;