Select timeout value component?

Is there a component to select a timeout value - could be in seconds, minutes, hours, etc.. ?

A TTimer you let trigger once and then disable?
A TTimer can be set in milliseconds precision.

I mean a fancy edit field so people can choose a timeout value.

At this moment not. Not sure how the UI should look like.
Do yo have a (mockup) screenshot of what exactly you are looking for?

maybe something like [nnn seconds /] where the dropdown is seconds, minutes, hours (depending on configuration). could have a spinner next to the numbers then reading the value gives the results in the configured return type which could be different than what user chose, Milliseconds, seconds, etc (if they choose 1 second and return type is milliseconds, it would return 1000)

For now, it could be made from combining TWebSpinEdit and/or TWebComboBox.
We've added it on the feature request list for possible future development to have this integrated into a single control.