select element and popup menu

Hi all,

In earlier versions I could select an element and then right-click to choose an item in the popup menu to apply on the selected element. But with version 4.14 under RAD Studio 10.2 selection is removed when I right-click. How can I prevent this? Right-click shouldn't clear the selection.


Hi Rolf,

I don't see this issue happening here? I tried the DiagramDemo.dproj demo project that is in folder "demos\simple".
Can you please check it on your side and if it's the case, provide more information about how we can reproduce the issue on our side?
Thank you.

Hi Wagner

Thanks for the prompt answer! Unfortunately it happens with DiagramDemo too:
I opened and run DiagramDemo without changing some code.

It works if I directly right-click with cursor on the block or select
the block first and right-click with cursor on the block. But it doesn't
work if I select first and right-click outside of the block or line.
Ok, it behaves differently compared to old versions but it's ok.

Correct, that's expected behavior.