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im using the FNC Grid within my Web Core Application. Im having issues finding a property to have searchbox within the grid or make the grid columns searchable. Or is there no such option? If so, how else would i sort the grid? do i need to manually change the query string?

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There is currently no search option available in the grid. To sort, it is indeed required to sort the dataset via a query.

Thank you Pieter. Would be very helpful if this was considered in a possible future version.

can you help me how i would rewrite this query to also find non exact matches (as with SQL like%).

For example, if i search for an Adress "Car Dealer" and only type "Car Dea" that it would pop up?

This my query right now:
XDataWebDataSet1.QueryString := XDataWebDataSet1.QueryString +
'&$filter=adressname eq ''' + WebEdit1.Text + '''';

works if exact equal, but not if its only parts of it.

thank you in advance

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@Fabi, you can use the contains function for that:

XDataWebDataSet1.QueryString := XDataWebDataSet1.QueryString +
'&$filter=contains(adressname, ''' + WebEdit1.Text + ''')';

More info: TMS Aurelius CRUD Endpoints | TMS XData documentation

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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