Scrum and Kanban boards component?


What TMS components (hopefully, from Component Pack) would you suggest to create Scrum/Kanban board? I thought about using a grid, but cell cannot act as a task item since it allows only minimum of information. Also, drag & drop from one column to another would be helpful.

A demo:

We have actually started the development of this in December, so you can expect this in the coming months. We invite everyone interested in discussing the feature set to contact us by email to exchange all possible ideas.

Great! Looking forward to this!

DB version of components are especially welcome, and the possibility to have them as a part of scalable (LeSS) design. But, for starters, a basic board with movable tasks is more then welcome.

A DB version will most likely be introduced after we have first created a non-DB version.
For specific feature discussions, we welcome you to contact us by email.