scroll bar on metro style


In a metro style the scroll bars of a grid are very thin ... how can i resize these ?


Sorry, this is currently unfortunately not customizable.

But i think in general every grid must be provided with a customizable scroll bar. My suggestion is to put a new property that show optionally a embedded scroll bars (not these of default windows !) 


We'll consider this.

How to hide completely scroll bars ? On metro style if i set ScrollBars = ssNone, at run time i see always a thin bar 

Thank u

If you do not want any scrollbar, set grid.ScrollBars = ssNone and ScrollType = ssNormal

already done ... but i ve always the bar . i set scrollwidth = 0 too .. nothing !

Delphi seattle + TMS Component Pack

Default grid on the form and the code:

  advstringgrid1.RowCount := 1000;
  advstringgrid1.ColCount := 100;
  advstringgrid1.ScrollType := ssNormal;
  advstringgrid1.ScrollBars := ssNone;

and this shows NO scrollbars.